Children physiotherapy

Children develop their senses and motor skills through play. Usually that goes without saying. For some children the development takes longer, it deviates from what is usual or there are postural or sports related complaints. This can be due to a condition, simply because the development is slightly different, due to an accident or due to overload.
In these cases, pediatric physiotherapy can offer concrete help.

How does the pediatric physiotherapist work?
The starting point in the treatment is that the needs of the parents and the child are central.
By means of intake, research and several (standardized) tests, a complete picture is created of the motor level or the motor problem and any additional problems. Based on the findings, a treatment plan is drawn up in close consultation.

The treatment is aimed at getting the most optimal movement possible.
For babies, the treatment largely consists of handling and play advice to the parents, so that they can apply this in their daily care.
For an older child, playing is most important. Skipping, hopping, climbing, jumping and throwing a ball are important skills for children to learn, as are crafts and writing.

If necessary, the treatment can also take place at home. This often applies to children aged 0 to 2 or children with a serious disability.
The number of treatments is of course partly dependent on the complaint and the request for help.
Sometimes advice is enough, for example posture or sports advice. In the case of chronic complaints, treatment may take longer.


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