Under this section you will find all information regarding costs, what will be reimbursed in your case, whether there are waiting times and other practical matters relating to the practice.


Pricing per 1 January 2024 for uninsured care.
Regular session € 43,50
Session pediatric physiotherapy € 57,00
Screening € 20,00
Intake and research after screening € 65,00
Intake and research after doctors’ reference € 65,00
One-time physiotherapeutic research (through medical indication) € 80,00
Long session for patients with complex and/or multiple care questions € 57,00
Unfulfilled appointment regular session 75% rate
Unfulfilled appointment pediatric physiotherapy 75% rate
Short reports € 43,50
One-time pediatric physiotherapeutic report € 50,00
Complex time consuming reports € 70,00
After hours addition € 20,00
Telephone session € 25,00
Toeslag uitbehandeling € 20,00
Toeslag inrichting €   8,50
Insurance reports € 110,00
Instructions/consultation with patient parents’ € 57,00

Treatment conditions:

  • Appointments that cannot be kept must be made no later than 24 hours before treatment to be cancelled. If you do not cancel in time, the physiotherapist reserves the right to charge 75% of the fee for the session if there are no other patients during the reserved time treated.
  • It is your own responsibility to carefully review your policy conditions regarding the number of treatments that are reimbursed. If the treatment is not billable to your health insurer, it will be billed to you charged.
  • Changes regarding your health insurance need to be communicated a.s.a.p.
  • When paying invoices, you are expressly requested to pay them within 14 days pay incl. the claim number and then your health insurer to you to have it paid out yourself. The declaration in question is also a specification for you health insurance.
  • These rates only apply to care that is not insured.

Karin de Bruijn, KRF NL registered (pediatric) physiotherapist
BIG nr. 79034703604
KvK nr. 17255953


Fysiotherapie voor Kinderen
Bunder 49
5421 AG Gemert

Fysiotherapie voor Kinderen
Sint Josephplein 25
5428 GL Venhorst
(at Gezondheidscentrum Venhorst)
T 0492361998

Fysiotherapie voor Kinderen
Kennedystraat 17b
5427 CH Boekel
(at Fysiotherapie Boekel)


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